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Inspire a student. Empower as a leader. Grow as a mentor.

Now in its 10th year, the student-led RMIT Career Mentoring program continues to foster meaningful relationships between current RMIT students and first-year graduates with industry mentors. 

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Who can be a mentor?

This volunteer program is open to industry professionals and RMIT Alumni - from recent graduates to senior executives - who have a willingness to share their expertise and experience with current RMIT students and first-year RMIT graduates.

The connections made with mentors in this program help prepare students for a successful future beyond RMIT.

How do I get started?

  1. Click 'JOIN NOW'
  2. Complete your mentor application form
  3. Once your application has been accepted, start exploring the mentoring portal, and browsing the 'Mentor Resource Library'
  4. Wait to receive your first mentoring request!

The time commitment

RMIT Career Mentoring was built with your busy schedule in mind. The program allows you to control your availability and level of participation with the ability to:
  1. Limit the number of inbound mentoring requests per month.
  2. Participate as a long-term and/or 'flash' mentor. Long-term mentoring refers to 3-month partnerships, whereas, flash mentoring refers to one-time mentoring opportunities to grab a coffee or have a single video call with a student.

Why become a mentor?

Mentors join our program for a variety of reasons. Mentoring allows you to give back to the RMIT community, help students unlock their potential, and leave a footprint at RMIT.

Our program also provides an avenue for you to access graduate talent for recruitment purposes, further develop your coaching and leadership skills, and grow your professional network via RMIT professional development events.

Mentoring was an amazing experience. I truly feel I have made a positive difference in my mentee's career and by default, her life. - Louis Salguero, RMIT Mentor

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