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Now in its 10th year, the flagship RMIT Career Mentoring program continues to foster meaningful relationships between current RMIT students and industry professionals. Students reach out to mentors with compatible profiles for one-off meetings, with the opportunity to continue the connection in a more formal, 3-month mentoring partnership. The connections made in this program help prepare students for a successful future beyond RMIT.

The program is designed to be easy and flexible and makes it possible for students to connect with mentors in a variety of ways. You can meet with your mentee face-to-face for a coffee, or connect remotely over email, phone, or video chat. All mentoring connections start off with a one-off meeting, with an opportunity to continue the connection in a longer-term, 3-month partnership.

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Program details

Styles of mentoring There are two styles of mentoring available, which are short-term (meetings) and longer-term (partnerships)
Mentoring meetings Meetings are one-off mentoring connections, which are initiated by mentees
Mentoring partnerships Once a mentee and mentor have had their meeting, they may choose to continue their connection in a 3-month partnership, if both parties agree.
Registrations Registrations open year-round


Who can be a mentor?

This volunteer program is open to industry professionals and RMIT alumni - from recent graduates to senior executives - who have a willingness to share their expertise and experience.

Professional development opportunities

There are many benefits to becoming a mentor, such as:  

  • Further developing your coaching and leadership skills
  • Growing your professional network via RMIT professional development events for mentors
  • Accessing graduate talent for recruitment purposes

Time commitment

Mentoring meetings The time commitment for mentors is minimal, with an average meeting duration of 1 hour.
Mentoring partnerships If you decide to continue the connection in a 3-month partnership, you will meet a further 3 times over the partnership, e.g. 1 hour per month, over 3 months.



The connection process

Step 1: The meeting request 
Mentees browse the profiles of mentors recommended to them by the RMIT Mentoring team, or by using the search filter in the mentoring portal. Once a mentee finds a mentor whose profile stands out to them, they will send through a meeting request.

When you receive a meeting request, you have 10 days to either accept or decline the request before it expires. If you must decline a mentee's request, please do so in a timely manner.

Step 2: Meeting your mentee
Once you have accepted the mentee's request, it's time to prepare for your upcoming meeting. Be sure to confirm the time, date, and location of your meeting with your mentee.

Before your meeting, you may like to encourage your mentee to send through their resume, list of career goals, or any career questions they may have, so you can be fully prepared. You will find a range of helpful resources and topics to discuss with your mentee found in the 'Mentor Resource Pack'.

Step 3: The 3-month partnership opportunity
Once your meeting has concluded, there is an opportunity to continue the connection in a 3-month partnership.

The post-meeting survey, which is sent to the mentor and mentee, allows both parties to select if they would like to continue in a 3-month partnership. Both parties must agree for a partnership to commence. Once agreed upon, the RMIT Mentoring team will then manually create the partnership within the mentoring portal.

Contact us

At any stage throughout this process, Mentors can also contact the RMIT Mentoring team to help the mentoring experience.



Here are some answers to questions you may have about the program.