Course Objective 

The aim of the Applied Entrepreneurship course is for students to gain experience and develop knowledge in entrepreneurship into practical skills.

The course assists in the development of students' strategic capacity, team and industry relationship skills, personal commitment to an opportunity, and the managed implementation of a high growth launch.

A thorough analysis of industry, as well as implementing business strategies to achieve competitive advantage and understanding cultural impacts upon business practices will be a main focus. Follow this link for the more detailed outline of course BUSM4052 - Applied Entrepreneurship.

Industry Mentoring Component 

A major component of the Applied Entrepreneurship course is industry engagement.

Students will form groups and be partnered with an industry mentor early in the semester. This mentoring portal supports the interaction between students and their mentor and guides each mentoring partnership through to course completion at the end of the semester.    

Mentee and mentor sitting on a park bench

For Mentors

Entrepreneurs share their knowledge and experience to help Applied Entrepreneurial students solve a particular business idea. 

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For Mentees

Mentees are students undertaking the Applied Entrepreneurship course. Students work together in small groups to address and respond to a particular business idea.  

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