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Careers mentoring Europe

Information for Mentors

Mentors based across Europe share their knowledge and experience to inspire the next generation of industry professionals. Participants have the opportunity to understand each others’ career aspirations and attitudes.

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Program details

Duration 3 x 1-hour meeting over 12 weeks
Start dates March and September
Registrations Anytime throughout the year
Matching process Mentoring team matches student mentees with mentors


Who can be a mentor?

This program is open to industry professionals who have approximately three or more years of experience.

  • Job search skills 
  • Career paths
  • Personal and Professional development opportunities 
The first meeting offers the perfect opportunity to discuss the mentees specific needs and expectations.


Time commitment

The number of agreed mentoring meetings is flexible, but it is expected a minimum of one hour per month contact time. The mentors and mentees agree to meet more frequently or decide to email, or have phone or Skype contact between meetings. If both parties agree, the partnership may be ended early if all
questions are answered.


How to join the program

Step 1. Select 'Join now' and complete the registration form.
Step 2. You will receive a confirmation that your application has been submitted.
Step 3. Your application will be processed by the Mentoring team.
Step 4. You will then have access to the portal. 
Note: Mentoring rounds occur twice yearly; commencing in March and September, aligning with RMIT University’s semesters.  
Step 5. You will be assigned a mentor at the start of the round.  

Note: At any stage throughout this process, Students can also contact the RMIT Mentoring team to help the mentoring experience.


FAQs for Mentors

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the mentoring program.