RMIT Students

The Pride Mentoring Program is available to all current RMIT students who identify as LGBTIQ or are questioning their sexual and/or gender identity. Students are provided with a unique opportunity to ensure they are ready for life and work.

Do you want to connect with an industry professional and kick start your career?


"Mentors are essential and I intend to be a Mentor in the future. I hope to inspire, trust and motivate others, by setting an example to gay men and others." - Pride Mentee

"Being a Mentor has allowed me to be a positive role model and guide students in allowing them to understand they can feel safe in their workplace and still have a successful career no matter how they identify within the world." - Pride Mentor

Industry Mentors

The Pride Mentoring Program is open to all industry professionals who identify as LGBTIQ. Are you a Pride Ally who has relevant work experience working within the LGBTIQ community? RMIT welcomes and encourages you to join as a Mentor.

Is becoming a Mentor to empower the next generation to succeed sound like something you're interested in?

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