Information for Mentors

A tailored program that connects students who identify as members of the LGBTIQ+ community or are questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation with LGBTIQ+ industry professionals. The program gives students the opportunity to connect, network and share stories around personal and career journeys with their Pride Mentor. This program is managed on a strictly confidential basis.  

Program details

Duration 3 x 1-hour meeting for 3 months
Start dates March and August
Registrations Anytime throughout the year
Matching process Mentoring team matches student mentees with mentors

Who can be a Mentor?

This program is open to Industry Professionals who typically have three or more years of professional workforce experience, that are members of or contribute to the LGBTIQ+ community.

Mentor guidance

Mentees are expected to drive the relationship as they may have different mentoring needs such as:

  • Soft skills needed in the industry
  • Seeking and finding an internship
  • Job search skills
  • The career path
  • Personal and Professional development opportunities

The first meeting offers the perfect opportunity to discuss the Mentees specific needs and expectations. The Mentoring Agreement lists potential mentoring topics and offers a good starting point and structure the discussions.

Time commitment

The number of agreed Mentoring meetings is flexible, but it is expected a minimum of one hour per month contact time. The Mentors and Mentees agree to meet more frequently or decide to email, or have phone or Skype contact between meetings. If both parties agree, the Partnership may be ended early if all questions are answered.


The Mentoring partnership process

Career mentoring

Step 1: Mentor Matching
Immediately after the Mentor/Mentee partnerships are created, Mentors have the opportunity to review the Mentees profile. 

Women@RMIT mentoring

Step 2: The ‘Partnership Agreement’ and preparing for the Mentoring 
A Partnership Agreement template will be sent to the Mentor and Mentee. This lists a number of topics (examples are listed above) that may be of interest. There is also a wide range of resources in our 'Mentor Resource Guide' section to help structure the meetings.

Pride mentoring

Step 3: Connect and meet with the Mentor
Now it's time to connect with the Mentee via the Mentoring platform. Here the Mentor and Mentee will arrange the first meeting and clarify any questions related to the partnership

At any stage throughout this process, Mentors can also contact the RMIT Mentoring team to help the mentoring experience.
Tel: (+61 3) 9925 4006


FAQs for Mentors

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the mentoring program.