Information for Mentors

If you are passionate about sharing your experience and industry knowledge with current RMIT students, being a mentor in the Career Mentoring - Express program is a great way to give back, as you provide valuable input that can have a lasting impact on an RMIT student.

The Career Mentoring - Express program is mentee-driven. Students are encouraged to initiate mentoring connections, and may reach out to you for mentoring, career advice or even with a question. They may be drawn to your industry or organisation, or perhaps your skills or interests. Being available to offer advice, answer questions, or meet for a coffee are several ways you can help current RMIT students succeed in their future careers.

Program details

Duration One-off mentoring connections
Start dates Mentoring connections available year-round
Registrations Registrations open year-round
Matching process Mentees reach out to mentors to request a mentoring connection

Who can be a Mentor?

This program is open to industry professionals who typically have three or more years of professional workforce experience in a supervisory, management or leadership capacity and who have a willingness to share their expertise and experience.

Mentor guidance

Mentees are expected to drive the relationship as they may have different mentoring needs such as:

  • Soft skills needed in the industry
  • Seeking and finding an internship
  • Job search skills
  • The career path
  • Personal and professional development opportunities

The Express Connection process

Career mentoring

Step 1: Mentees view Mentor profiles
Via the RMIT Express Mentoring Portal, Mentees view the profiles of available Express Mentors, including those suggested or found using the filter function.

Women@RMIT mentoring

Step 2: Wait for a Mentee to request a connection with you
The Mentee will simply select 'connect' on your profile to initiate an Express Mentoring partnership. You will have 10 days to accept or decline a Mentee's request.

Pride mentoring

Step 3: Connect and meet
Once an Express connection is formed, Mentees message you to arrange a time to meet either in person or virtually. The Express Mentoring connection will be open within the portal for 2 weeks, during Mentors and Mentees can coordinate and complete their one-hour meeting.

Contact us

At any stage throughout this process, Mentors can also contact the RMIT Mentoring team to help the mentoring experience.
Tel: (+61 3) 9925 8146


FAQs for Mentors

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the mentoring program.