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This is the kind of access you came to RMIT for.  With RMIT's strong links to industry, students receive instant access to a powerful and diverse network of industry leaders - locally and globally.  Unlike the flagship Career Mentoring - Melbourne program, students can choose their own mentors.  Each express partnership goes for 2 weeks and mentees can connect with up to 3 mentors at a time.  This program is designed for final year students, or for students who have already completed a 3 month mentoring partnership.

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Program Details

Duration One-off mentoring connections
Start dates Mentoring connections available year-round
Registrations Registrations open year-round
Matching process Mentees reach out to mentors to request a mentoring connection


The Mentoring Opportunity

The mentoring partnership will provide mentees with a valuable opportunity to obtain advice and guidance from an industry professional on a wide range of industry, skills and employment-related topics such as:  

  • Soft skills required in the industry 
  • Advice on how to find an internship
  • Job search skills 
  • Career paths


Time Commitment

Mentees meet with their mentor for 1 hour for a one-off meeting per partnership. Each partnership runs for two weeks.


The Express Connection Process 

Career mentoring

Step 1: Find a mentor 
Browse the mentoring portal, view your recommended mentors or use the mentoring filter function to find a suitable mentor. When you’ve found a mentor in the program whose profile stands out to you, you’ll want to send them a message and introduce yourself.

Women@RMIT mentoring

Step 2: Request a mentoring connection 
To introduce yourself, select 'connect' on a mentor’s profile to initiate a mentoring connection. You can send up to 5 mentoring requests and can connect with up to 5 Mentors at a time. Mentors have 10 days to accept or decline a request.

Pride mentoring

Step 3: Arrange to connect with your mentor
Once a mentor has accepted your connection request, arrange how you would like to connect. It can be an email exchange, an online video chat, a phone call, or sitting down over a cup of coffee. How you would like to connect is up to you and your mentor!


FAQs for students

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