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Share your knowledge and expertise to inspire the next generation of leaders and industry professionals

As an industry professional, you have the opportunity to share your professional experience and expertise with current RMIT students.  The connections made in the Career Mentoring program help prepare our students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on our RMIT community.  Mentors do not have to be on campus to leave a footprint at RMIT. Whether you are based in Melbourne or across the globe, we invite industry professionals from around the world to become a mentor in the RMIT Career Mentoring program.

There are also many professional development benefits for mentors, which include: access to graduate talent for recruitment purposes, further development of your coaching and leadership skills, and growing your professional network via RMIT professional development events for mentors.

Career Mentoring

Now in its 10th year, RMIT's 1-to-1 Career Mentoring - Melbourne program fosters meaningful, student-led mentoring partnerships between current RMIT students, industry, and alumni.

Career Mentoring - Melbourne was built with your busy schedule in mind. The program allows mentors to control their availability and level of participation.

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Career Mentoring - Group

A Group Experience brings together 5 mentors and 30 students in a bespoke, industry-specific, online group mentoring session.

Group Experiences are offered throughout the year to mentors from a variety of different industries and organisations, including exclusive Group Experiences for Women in Business and Engineering.

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Career Mentoring - Circles

A mentoring circle is an industry-to-student learning format that allows you to connect with others who share common interests or learning objectives, to learn together as a group.

Joining a mentoring circle will help you develop personal and professional relationships with fellow students and industry professionals who can help you learn and grow. If you're looking for community and career guidance, you'll find actively participating in a group mentoring circle to be a rewarding experience.

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Career Mentoring - Asia

Career Mentoring - Asia connects you with students and young alumni from RMIT Vietnam and the Singapore Institute of Management.

Help students and young alumni to build their professional network and explore their career options, both in Asia and abroad.

This program is open to RMIT Alumni and industry professionals who have a willingness to share their expertise and experience.

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“RMIT Career Mentoring helped me to expand my network in the IT world and equipped me to face current industry trends. If you are a student who wants to land their dream job, become a mentee to transform yourself from a student to a professional.” – Suraj Kannan, Master of Data Science

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