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As an industry professional, you have the opportunity to share your professional experience and expertise with current RMIT students.  The connections made in the Career Mentoring program help prepare our students for a successful future and leave a lasting impact on our RMIT community.  Mentors do not have to be on campus to leave a footprint at RMIT. Whether you are based in Melbourne or across the globe, we invite industry professionals from around the world to become a mentor in the RMIT Career Mentoring program.

There are also many professional development benefits for mentors, which include: a
ccess to graduate talent for recruitment purposes, further development of your coaching and leadership skills, and growing your professional network via RMIT professional development events for mentors.

Career Mentoring -

Career mentoring

Now in its 9th year, the flagship RMIT Career Mentoring program continues to foster meaningful relationships between current RMIT students and industry professionals.  Mentors are matched with a student aspiring to work in the same industry, and with a compatible profile.

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Career Mentoring -
Group Experience

Women@RMIT mentoring

Group Experience is a tailored, group-style online mentoring program that connects industry and organisations with RMIT students. We invite you to join us online to mentor a group of small, highly-engaged students within your area of expertise.

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Career Mentoring - 

Pride mentoring

The Career Mentoring - Pride program is currently on pause and will resume in 2021. The program is for industry professionals who identify as LGBTQIA+ or who are allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. Pride mentors offer social guidance in addition to professional advice.

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Career Mentoring -

Express mentoring

Mentors based across Europe share their knowledge and experience with RMIT students, undertaking a Global Exchange program in Europe. Participants have the opportunity to understand each others’ career aspirations and attitudes.

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Career Mentoring -

Singapore mentoring

Connect with RMIT College of Business students from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) to provide guidance and networking opportunities in the Singapore job market.

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Career Mentoring - 

Vietnam mentoring

The Career Mentoring - Vietnam program is a global program that connects RMIT Vietnam students and recent alumni with industry leaders and professionals. The program allows students and recent alumni to build their professional network and explore their career options, both in Vietnam and abroad.

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