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Welcome to RMIT Career Mentoring!

Be mentored by an industry leader

As an RMIT student or first-year graduate, you have access to one of the most unique career mentoring programs in the nation. RMIT mentors are here to offer their expertise and help you grow.

With our strong links to industry, both domestic and international, our programs provide you with direct personal access to first-hand knowledge and experiences of industry professionals. Gain tailored career guidance and practical advice, develop your employability skills, receive industry insights, and build your professional network.

Career Mentoring

Career Mentoring - Australia now in its 10th year, continues to foster meaningful mentoring relationships between current RMIT students and first-year graduates with industry mentors.

The program is designed to be easy and flexible. You can meet a mentor over a coffee or a one-off video chat, or request a longer-term 3-month mentoring relationship.

Career Mentoring is open to all RMIT students across VE, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels, and first-year RMIT graduates. The connections made in this program help prepare you for a successful future beyond RMIT.

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Career Mentoring - Asia

Career Mentoring - Asia is a global mentoring program for current students and young alumni from RMIT Vietnam and the Singapore Institute of Management.

The program allows you to build your professional network, receive mentorship, and explore your career options in Asia and abroad.

As a mentee, you have the opportunity to connect with a variety of mentors for a one-off mentoring meeting or a 3-month mentoring partnership.


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Peer Mentoring (study assistance) 

Students helping students achieve through assistance with coursework, sharing general study skills and encouraging academic confidence.

Peer mentoring is one of the study support services offered by RMIT University Library. It allows you to connect with peers who have recent experience with course content and studying at RMIT. It’s a casual, friendly, and student-led service. You can ask a couple of quick questions or build an ongoing connection both online and face-to-face.

Connect with a peer mentor using the Vygo web app, mobile app, or both. Ask any peer mentor for general academic advice. For course-specific advice, your course will be listed in the app if Peer Mentors are available.

If you can't find your course, contact for other options.

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Career Mentoring - Group sessions 

Group Mentoring brings together RMIT students and first-year graduates in bespoke, online group-style mentoring sessions with mentors.

We offer two types of Group Mentoring:
Group Mentoring with industry professionals and RMIT alumni, and Group Mentoring with RMIT partner organisations.

Group Mentoring sessions allow you to receive mentorship, gain tailored career advice, and learn from mentors who were once in your shoes. You will also discover how to stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart when applying for jobs!

Sessions will be listed in CareerHub, and advertised via your college or school, and the Career Mentoring program. 


Upcoming sessions

“RMIT Career Mentoring helped me to expand my network in the IT world and equipped me to face current industry trends. If you are a student who wants to land their dream job, become a mentee to transform yourself from a student to a professional.” – Suraj Kannan, Master of Data Science

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