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As an RMIT student or recent RMIT alumni, you have access to one of the most unique career mentoring programs in the nation. RMIT mentors are here to offer their expertise and help you grow.

With our strong links to industry, both domestic and international, our programs provide you with direct personal access to first-hand knowledge and experiences of industry professionals. Gain tailored career guidance and practical advice, develop your employability skills, receive industry insights, and build your professional network.

Career Mentoring


Now in its 10th year, RMIT's flagship, 1-to-1 Career Mentoring program continues to foster meaningful relationships between current RMIT students and recent alumni with industry.

Students and recent alumni connect with mentors based on their field of study, areas of interest, and career goals.

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Career Mentoring - 


The Career Mentoring - Asia program connects RMIT Vietnam and Singapore Institute of Management students and recent alumni with industry leaders and professionals.

The program allows students and recent alumni to build their professional network and explore their career options in Asia and abroad.

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Career Mentoring - 
Group Experience


A Group Experience brings together 30 students and 5 mentors in a bespoke, industry-specific, online group mentoring session.

Group Experiences are offered throughout the year to students from a range of disciplines, including offerings for Women in Business and STEMM.

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Career Mentoring -

Express mentoring

A mentoring circle is an industry-to-student learning format that allows you to connect with others who share common interests or learning objectives, to learn together as a group.

Joining a mentoring circle will help you develop personal and professional relationships with fellow students and industry professionals who can help you learn and grow. If you're looking for community and career guidance, you'll find actively participating in a group mentoring circle to be a rewarding experience.

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Career Mentoring -
Out For Australia

Singapore mentoring

Connect with an LGBTQIA+ career mentor through RMIT Partner Organisation - Out For Australia; the nation's largest LGBTQIA+ career mentoring program.

As a mentee, you can talk with someone more experienced about diverse topics, from what it's like being queer in the workplace, to what your next career step should be, to how to write a strong cover letter.

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Career Mentoring - 
RMIT Future Edge

Vietnam mentoring

RMIT Future Edge is a flexible co-curricular program designed to increase employability. The program will help you build 21st-century skills that are crucial in your chosen industry.

Future Edge helps you build job-ready skills for your career. Sign up to give yourself an edge in the competitive job market by developing the capabilities employers are looking for!

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