A program built to connect students with industry

Our Career Mentoring program aims are simple: to connect RMIT students with industry professionals to guide them to launch their careers.
With our strong links to many industry sectors, both domestic and international, our mentoring programs provide direct personal access to first hand knowledge and experiences of industry professionals.
This truly unique opportunity will help you develop the essential professional network, create employability skills, gain practical advice and receive industry insights.  


Career Mentoring – Melbourne

Career mentoring

Our flagship Melbourne based program  available for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from all disciplines. The Mentoring team will match Mentors with a Student Mentee from the same industry and similar profiles.

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Women@RMIT mentoring

A tailored program specifically for female students entering male dominated industries.  The Women@RMIT program gives insight and guidance from professionals in the industry who are committed to gender diversity and equality in the workplace. 

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Pride Mentoring

Pride mentoring

For students who identify as LGBTQIA+ have the opportunity to connect with a Pride Mentor. These students receive career and personal guidance from LGBTQIA+ industry professionals. Mentees can develop their strengths and awareness of LQBTQIA+ friendly employers.

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Career Mentoring – Express

Express mentoring

The Mentoring Express program is built for students who are looking for a quick & simple way to connect with an industry professional to get specific industry information. 
Students can view the available Mentors on our portal, then reach out to arrange the meeting.

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Career Mentoring – Singapore

Singapore mentoring

A global Mentoring program for the College of Business RMIT University students from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) by connecting them with Mentors to provide guidance and networking opportunities specifically for the Singapore job market.

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Career Mentoring – Vietnam

Vietnam mentoring

Our Vietnam Mentoring programs that connects RMIT University students with industry professionals to explore their career options both in Vietnam and abroad.

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How to join the program

Step 1. Click on the program you would like to join, select ‘Mentee’ & complete the registration form.
Step 2. You will receive a confirmation email from the C&E Mentoring team.
Step 3. You will then have access to the portal.
- In the portal, you will have access to a Mentee Resources section which contains: a Mentee Guide, reference material for your partnership and other Mentoring Professional Development resources. You will also be invited to specialised training sessions to help you maximise the Mentoring opportunity.
Note: Access to the portal will depend on the time of the year you join.
Step 4. A Mentee will be allocated to you at the beginning of the Matching period 
Note: For the Career Mentoring Express program, students will begin reaching out to you immediately 


Contact us 

Career Mentoring team
RMIT University - Careers and Employability 
Email: mentoring@rmit.edu.au 
Tel: (+61 3) 9925 8146

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